Message from Founder:

  •    A career is generally dependent on experience of first jobs. A fresher in the complex business
       environment is exposed to the hard reality of internal workings of an organization against his
       external views on it . Selection of the first job is a very difficult decision as it is the beginning of
       a career leading to growth and self fulfillment.
  •    The world of finance is generally perceived as a road to rapid success, growth and consequent
       self fulfillment. Growth is fast both individually and corporate but swings are wide.
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      Message from HR Team:

  •    RR is a leading financial and insurance services group. Having strong relationships with Governments, Large Corporate and
       Institutions for over a decade of products and services offered by us. We are trusted by Investors-Institutional and Retail, Associates
       and Agents,for expertise and services.

  •     Our businesses are as follows:
  •            Equity Broking            Insurance Services            Mutual Funds            Investment Banking
               • Stock Broking            • Corporate Insurance            • Mutual Funds            • Corporate Finance
               • Commodity Broking            • Group Medical  &            • Fixed Deposits            • Equity Capital Markets
               • Futures and Options                Life Insurance Plans            • Initial Public Offerings            • Valuation Services
               • Interest Rate Derivatives            • Individual Life Insurance            • Tax Saving Schemes            • Debt Capital Markets
               • Currency Derivatives            • Retail General Insurance            • Government Bonds            • Advisory Services
  • Employees are one of the keys to our success and to support them we offer :
  •    • Extensive In-house training
  •    • Organic Growth of Employees
  •    • Continuous Performance Evaluation
  •    • Flexible Working hours for professionals
  • Joining RR:

  •    We Welcome you to be a part of The RR Team. Please send your resume at


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      Fourth Floor,
      Indraprakash Building,
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      Toll Free: 9350316010

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